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Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook (2008)

Contents: (Note: PDF files are available for all chapters.)

Cover and Table of Contents

PDF File of Cover and Contents

Field Crops and Livestock


Insect Pest Management for Field and Forage Crops

PDF File of Chapter 1


Weed Control for Corn, Soybeans, and Sorghum

PDF File of Chapter 2


Weed Control for Small Grains, Pastures, and Forages

PDF File of Chapter 3


Plant Disease Management for Field Crops

PDF File of Chapter 4


Insect Pest Management for Stored Grain

PDF File of Chapter 5

Vegetable Crops


Weed Control for Commercial Vegetable Crops

PDF File of Chapter 6


Plant Disease Management for Commercial Vegetable Crops

PDF File of Chapter 7

Noncrop Weed Control


Brush Control in Illinois

PDF File of Chapter 8


Weed Control for Noncrop Areas

PDF File of Chapter 9

Pesticide Information


Application Equipment and Calibration References

PDF File of Chapter 10


Toxicity of Herbicides

PDF File of Chapter 11


Weed Resistance to Herbicides

PDF File of Chapter 12


Herbicide Persistence and How to Test for Residues in Soils

PDF File of Chapter 13


Licensing Requirements and List of Restricted Use Pesticides

PDF File of Chapter 14

  • Field Crops
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Landscape & Turf
  • Greenhouse
  • Home, Yard, and Garden
  • Livestock


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