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Table 1. Poplar, Aspen, Cottonwood, Willow, and other hosts of Cytospora Canker

Poplars (Populus) Willows (Salix)

Balsam (P. balsamifera)
Black (P. nigra)
Lanceleaf (P. x acuminata)
Simon (P. simonii)
Western balsam (P. trichocarpa)
White (P. x alba)
P. macdougalii
P. wilsonii
P. wislizenii

Basket or common osier (S. viminalis)
Bay, lay-leaved or laurel (S. pentandra)
Black (S. nigra)
Brittle or crack (S. fragilis)
Creeping (S. repens)
Ditchbank or sandbar (S. exigua)
Golden (S. alba var. vitellina)
Grayleaf (S. glauca)
Pacific (S. lasiandra)
Peach-leaved (S. amygdaloides)
Polished or red (S. laevigata)
Purple or purple osier (S. purpurea)
Pussy, large (S. discolor)
Shining (S. lucida)
Weeping (S. babylonica)
White (S. alba)
S. x aurita
S. daphnoides
S. lasiolepis
S. nigricans

Aspens (Populus)

Bigtooth or large-toothed (P. grandidentata)
European (P. tremula)
Quaking or trembling (P. tremuloides)

Cottonwoods (Populus)

Black (P. heterophylla)
Eastern (P. deltoides)
Narrow-leaf or yellow (P. angustifolia)
Plains (P. Deltoides subsp. monilifera)

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