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Soybean Aphid Workshop

A Distance Education Program Delivered via the Latitude Bridge
Hosted by the University of Illinois
February 5, 2004

On February 5, 2004, five entomologists from four Midwestern states (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) delivered an educational program via the Latitude Bridge to more than 60 locations in the four states. The sites were hosted by Extension personnel at all locations. Approximately 800 people listened to the program while PowerPoint slides were projected over the Internet or from CD-ROM onto which the PowerPoint slides had been copied. The workshop was coordinated by David Feltes, Extension Educator in Integrated Pest Management at the Quad Cities Extension Center in East Moline, IL.

 Soybean Aphids

The presenters of the program were:

  • Dr. David Voegtlin, Illinois Natural History Survey
  • Dr. Kevin Steffey, University of Illinois
  • Dr. Marlin Rice, Iowa State Unviersity
  • Dr. Ken Ostlie, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Eileen Cullen, University of Wisconsin

The outline of the workshop, with the presenters' names in parentheses, was:

  • Soybean aphid biology and occurrences in North America (Voegtlin)
  • Soybean aphid situation in 2003
    • Illinois (Steffey)
    • Iowa (Rice)
    • Minnesota (Ostlie)
    • Wisconsin (Cullen)
  • Research efforts in . . .
    • Illinois (Steffey and Voegtlin)
    • Iowa (Rice)
    • Minnesota (Ostlie)
    • Wisconsin (Cullen)
  • Thresholds and guidelines for making treatment decisions (all)

Click here to access the PowerPoint slides that supported the presentations. The presentations are grouped by the presenters' names. For example, all of the slides supporting the presentations about the soybean aphid situation in Wisconsin in 2003 and research efforts in Wisconsin are included in Cullen's file.

These PowerPoint slides have been made available by the presenters for the express purpose of enhancing education. If you use any of these slides in your own educational presentation, please attribute both the presenter and the institution.



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