Green Shield Certification

Two major programs so far have made incredible strides in their IPM programs and have gotten their Green Shield Certification including Spurlock Museum and the University Housing system.

The University Housing at the University of Illinois IPM program began about 2009. Prior to switching IPM, the program relied on aerosol sprays for the most part. Now the program relies on monitoring, sanitation, and exclusion. When chemical intervention is needed they use gel baits, insect growth regulators at the source of the problem rather than the previous baseboard sprays. The current IPM program is working extremely well managing pest populations as well as creating safer living conditions and has recently been expanded to include in-house pest management in the kitchen and dining facilitates in Housing. University Housing at the University of Illinois is now Green Shield certified. University of Illinois is just the second high education institution to receive this standing. As far as benefits to the housing residents – reduced pests, reduced pesticide usage, reduced asthma triggers and reduced allergens. The University Housing at the University of Illinois personnel are now sharing their experiences implementing IPM with other facilities programs.

Information on Spurlock Museum’s Green Shield Certification

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